Between the Head and Heart

Will-power is located between the head and the heart. So, when your are too much in your head- decisions are made, yes, but not necessarily the right ones. When you are too much in your feelings on the other hand…

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katie shaw
International Women's Day

The 8th of March, International Women’s day. A day that started from our common necessity to acknowledge that we have lived and are still living in a world where women’s rights are not the same as they are for men…

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katie shawComment

“Just believe in it and you will have it”. Might be the most provocative, ignorant and stupid thing some people have ever heard. Because in some aspects it is. It’s a little bit like telling a person suffering from mental illness to cheer up…

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New Chapter.

New beginnings, intention settings and habits for 2019.. Okay, wow. 2018 is done and done and am I the only one who experienced it like one of those people who you meet that drags you out to actually everything..

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