Welcome to the LULU Blog

And so it all began, this blog is the extension of all the magical, vulnerable, loving, hilarious and extraordinary things that are happening inside Lulu.

Lulu is more than a cafe located in the most vibrating part of Barcelona. It's more than a place to just grab a coffee or have some salivating food;) Lulu has grown into a community of people from all over the world. With unique stories, passions and callings in life. We are not just coworkers, we are a family, and we are so happy to invite you into this space where we will share our thoughts, ideas, recommendations and some juicy recipes every week. We are here to inspire, get inspired and grow together. The one managing this blog will be me, Frida. Most of the time you can find me in the kitchen of Lulu putting love into your food and philosophising about all that comes with being a human being, and now also here. We are so excited to share all of these beautiful treasures with you babes.

So now on behalf of all of the Lulu girls:

We invite you to join the everyday Lulu lifestyle through this blog <3