Barcelona Oasis.

So, I asked the girls in LULU to tell me their favourite spots in Barcelona to get away from the intensity of city life and have a moment of stillness. Since we are spending most of our time together (even use the same expressions a little too often like, “it’s literally insane” and “don’t worry it’s the moon...”) here are 4 places we all love and try to get to as often as possible..

First out is:



Katie described it as an oasis above the chaos of the city, where the nature just grounds you. Here you can find hidden places for food, an outdoor swimming pool, a park filled with amazing plants from all over the world, museums and a view that is even more breath-taking at sunset and sunrise. Personally we love to take the back way up the stairs off of Psg de Montjuic near Psg Josep Carner that takes you to the cactus park which is right below Terraza Martínez, the perfect spot for a midday vermut.

The Beach


To live in a city where you can ground yourself by putting your feet in the sand and see the waves of the ocean roll is as important to Genia as water and food. When I asked her why, she answered that this is the closest she can get to a little mind wash here in Barcelona.

And if you feel a little adventurous some day you can jump on the train to neighbouring beaches where you don’t have to fight to put your towel down.

Our favs are:

Montgat Nord (take the R1 from Arc de triumf towards Macanet Massanes or Mataró, 20 minutes)

San Pol de Mar (take the R1 from Arc de triumf towards Blanes, 1 hour)

Villasar de Mar (take the R1 from Arc de triumf towards Mataró or Blanes, 30 minutes)

Garraf (take the R2 from Barcelona Estació de França towards Vilanova i la Geltrú, 49 minutes)



Our very own night owl Frida said that her favourite thing to do is to have a great view over our city whilst sipping on a glass of wine.

She usually goes to these ones for the best experience: Edition Hotel, Yurubban Hotel and Ohla Hotel, all very conveniently located around El born which means that you can swing by Lulu and have a pre-drink with us! ;)

The Home

Marija’s answer started out as a joke from her saying that obviously she would say her home (let’s just stay at that her name in Lulu also is señora) and that she was going to get back with a better answer. But isn’t that true though? That your home is your temple and that under whatever conditions you may live, this space will be important for your wellbeing? So, I asked her what places she recommends to get stuff for the holy temple. Even if your home is like my first one in Barcelona. An 8 square meter, single bed and no window kind of temple- a himalayan salt lamp and a plant will turn it into something liveable.

Marija’s list….

Cristalljoia - Carrer Jaume 1, 16 08002 Barcelona

Clay concept store - Carrer dels ans Vells, 11, 08003 Barcelona

Natura- Argenteria, 78, 08003, Barcelona ·

GIDLÖÖF- Passatge Mercantil, 1, 08003 Barcelona

Where do you guys find peace in Barcelona? Share them with us below in the comments!


Frida and the Lulu girls.