20 questions with Genia

Meet Genia- she is one of the founders of LULU and is truly the light in all of our lives. We asked her 20 questions to get her secrets to that infectious smile!



Favourite part of your job?

People I work with and often people that come!  They all have something kind/happy/real about them. Oh and good coffee & food at close reach 

Something we don’t know about you

I got a medal for a Chekhov monologue in London academy of dramatic arts 

Most recent track you played

Kiss - heaven’s on fire 

Favourite ingredient to cook with:

Everyone that knows me, knows how much I cook (not! hehe)  But i do put avocado in all my meals, does that count?

Whats your #1 life hack?

SMILE more 

Best terrace is BARCELONA? 

Carlos and Matilda terrace in Gòtic. They serve good wine by a Roman wall. 

Morning routine..

Quick run to the seaside, meditation, some stretches followed by a black coffee and anything that has peanut butter in it. It all goes downhill from there... haha 

Where would you live if it weren’t BARCELONA?

I’m gonna give you these three words : sea, sun, palm trees .. the rest I don’t mind 

Who inspires you? 

My mom. Somehow she manages to have this lightness and femininity about her while being a badass power boss. As well as infinite pure kindness. And a huge shout out to the whole lulu girl gang, they keep challenging and inspiring me every single day (In the best possible way). 

Words to live by:

Don’t forget to breathe

Favorite Book:

Fitzgerald- tender in the night 

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the spare time?

I’d be getting all the new skills and tricks or maybe I’d just be staring at the sea  

Top Goal for 2019:

Keeping that superwoman lifestyle going? Seriously though, developing the LULU dreams into oh so many exciting new projects

If you could have brunch with any person, past or present, who would it be? 

Ellen or Jerry Seinfeld or both, can I have both?  

Top song for your life:

Lord Huron - fool for love 

Dream adventure:

A long trip with my life acquired sisters (you know who you are); somewhere tropical. Long hikes, boat rides with a beautiful sacred island as a destination.

Place to find peace in Barcelona:

The sea next to W hotel, and if you get up early and follow the stairs, it’s so peaceful and there’s a pretty stunning view up there 

How do you like your coffee?

Oatmilk flatwhites with cinnamon make me happy 

Favourite thing about Lulu:

We’ve always said that Lulu feels like living inside a TV show. Each week would make for an episode with all kinds of guest stars, be it a new favourite client, acai distributor or a visiting music band that came to perform. Our days are marked by messages they send us. Things to learn, question, or just laugh at.

katie shaw