Between the Head and Heart

Will-power is located between the head and the heart.

So, when your are too much in your head- decisions are made, yes, but not necessarily the right ones. When you are too much in your feelings on the other hand- decisions can also be made, but not necessarily the smart ones. Therefore, you need a balance. Between your mind and your heart. Your intelligence and your emotions. To stay wise, true and loving all at once.

I was reading about the location of will-power in a book about the Chakras. I didn’t really know much about them, other than their constant presence in conversations involving spirituality. Also, I knew some kind of rainbow-coloured pattern was involved, and that they resonated with me even if I was completely ignorant on the topic.

So, inspired to be a well-read person I opened a book about them. Even though I might have bigger personal issues with other chakras, it was the fifth one that really caught my attention. I wondered if that chakra might be the chakra that most women felt a block in. But first let me give you a quick crash course on all of them.

The Root Chakra:

Represents our foundation and the feeling of being grounded and belonging.

The Sacral Chakra:

Our relationships and ability to accept others. Pleasure, Sexuality, Well-Being.

The Solar plexus Chakra:

Our ability to feel confident about ourselves and our lives. Self-Worth, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem.

The Heart Chakra:

Our ability to love. Joy, Inner peace, Strong Emotions.

The Throat Chakra:

Our ability to communicate. Inner Truth, Self-Expression, Will-Power.  

The Third-Eye Chakra:

Our ability to focus. Seeing the bigger picture. Intuition, Imagination, Wisdom

The Crown Chakra:

To be fully connected spiritually. Bliss, Acceptance.

As I read this, the throat chakra interested me the most. So many times I’ve heard people around me, mostly women, talk about the things they would do IF... I hear myself and others speak higher in pitch than our natural tone that comes through when we feel safe. I even had times when I had a sore throat and loved my new, lower, mysterious voice. Maybe because that voice is closer to my true inner voice than the voice I speak with everyday. I wonder if there is something about being a young woman in this age of options and life decisions that makes it harder for us to express who we truly are. Because we can choose not to. Or do it halfway. It’s not life or death now. It’s about feeling in tune with your life-purpose and living your dream or.. not doing it. Sometimes the pressure to choose the right option pushes us to just choose the easiest one, the more accepted one. Muffling our power and true voice.

So a day after I finished the book, I sat on my bike and I started to sing to myself with the Barcelona spring breeze following me. I didn’t sing very loud to be fair, just enough to not come across as crazy.  But like a kid, I sang. My inner child sang. Just because it was fun. And easy and true. It’s liberating to use your voice in a different capacity. It’s interesting to be aware of your voice. How it sounds, what you choose to say and why you’re not singing Whitney Houston tracks in the shower anymore.

So be with your power, right in the center of your head and your heart, because it’s hell of a feeling to be true to yourself every now and then.


Frida and the Lulu girls.

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