International Women's Day

The 8th of March, International Women’s day. A day that started from our common necessity to acknowledge that we have lived and are still living in a world where women’s rights are not the same as they are for men. To acknowledge injustice and oppression. To encourage change. To celebrate women.


It’s interesting how the debate about whether feminism is needed or not is so big. Especially in countries that have grown both politically and culturally from such “feminist” movements. It’s interesting that there are people who believe it’s overrated, without recognising the people that have fought for women’s rights before us. To be a feminist simply means supporting equality for both men and women. But to say that you are for equality without calling yourself a feminist in a way discounts all of the work that has been done to fight for this equality and in part works to disclaim the honor of the people who have raised their voices.


I find it interesting being part of half of the world’s population and as a kid in school not getting information about the female body. I barely knew the names of any historical women or read books written by female authors. I was taught that female relations were competitive and that being a girl playing with the boys automatically meant that I was chill and cool. That being sensitive was weak, that raising my hand in class was too dominant and to dress in clothes that showed skin was asking for assault. That to be fat was ugly, that to be too small was not feminine enough.


Over time I’ve come to value my female relations higher than any other. I feel emotionally supported because I have learnt that sensitivity is a strength. I now know that speaking my mind is absolutely legit. That it is not me who should be taught how not to get assaulted, but the people who assaulted not to do so. I have learnt that the female body does not exist for the male gaze and that I deserve to own my femininity if I want to. My masculine sides too. My human sides.


So let’s cherish the people who fought for our rights. And lets be the people who still do so.


Frida & The LULU girls xx

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