“Just believe in it and you will have it”

Might be the most provocative, ignorant and stupid thing some people have ever heard. Because in some aspects it is. It’s a little bit like telling a person suffering from mental illness to cheer up or a person with nothing that they will have abundant wealth if they just changed their mindset.

But I can’t deny that there are some interesting psychological truths behind this saying, that with a wink from the universe we can create this magical life we always dreamt of.

A year ago I was in Barcelona studying Spanish, I was single and living in a shared flat with two other people. I wasn’t at all miserable but I knew that my soul wanted more. I wanted to be loved and in love. I wanted to work in a café with people from all over the world and a concept I stood behind. Across the street from my room I saw a little house on one of the rooftops- I wanted to live like that.

So I wrote it down:

“ I work in a bright Café with good food, good coffee and good music. A happy man picks me up after work and I say goodbye to my colleagues that are also my friends. I’m in love”.

This is pretty much my everyday life today, to a T.  I found love, I found Lulu and I am living in a small house on a rooftop. How? Because in some mystical way I manifested it. I sent it out there and I received.

Everyday we have up to 70,000 unconscious thoughts and around 80% of them are negative. This is nothing to beat ourselves up about, but purely a survival tactic our brain came up with to keep us out of danger. It basically stores negative experiences so we wont have to re-live them but that also requires us to consciously and through habit build up our mental focus to be positive. Since we have X-years of “negative” experiences, fears and traumas stored it takes more time to change than simply choosing a positive thought every now and then.

We have to do a complete re-set by exchanging the old ways of reacting and thinking with new ways that are more empowering.

So here are 5 things you can start with:

1. Write down what you are grateful for everyday.

By doing this you slowly change the focus of your mind from what bothered you, or didn’t go your way to- what flowed.

2. Choose your words.

Talk in present-tense or as if you already have what you are wishing for, be specific and clear with what it is you are asking for, otherwise you might send out confused energies and in turn get back confusion.        

3. Be aware of your intentions and why you want these things.

If it’s the ego talking, the things you gain might come back to bite you in the ass. Make sure each intention is carefully chosen.

4. Visualise.

See yourself doing what you want, walking around where you want to be or talking to the person you want to know.

5.  Be aware of your blessings when they come.

Sometimes they appear in a different costume than you first thought they would. But often they come to you in the exact way you need.

My favourite time to write down my intentions is after a yoga sequence or before or after meditate. Usually first thing in the morning. This way my body is in a heightened state of awareness and I feel more connected to what I truly want to manifest in my life :)

Tell us your stories!

Have you ever manifested anything that came to you?

All the love and best wishes.

Frida and the Lulu girls.