The moon, the mind and the menstrual cycle

Fellow sisters and people who were born with the ticket in life to menstruate. This post goes out to you.

There is something magical about being surrounded by women all day long, like in Lulu. We can keep track of each others cycles and “cycle sync”. Yes, that’s a real thing guys. I find this amazing for a few reasons. One is that it can quickly make me realise that my insanity and feelings of being completely alone in this world of darkness is only good old PMS and that I have at least 3 other people who are experiencing it at the very same time as myself.


Believe it or not there is a reason why we chose this topic as we are experiencing the full moon this week, we are truly amazed by how the female cycle is so well synced up with LA LUNA!

Let me explain:


So the female cycle goes through four phases in more or less 28 days:


Menstrual phase: When you get your period = you are not pregnant and hormones like estrogen and progesterone drop. This can make you can feel tired during your period.

Follicular phase: Starts on the first day after your period and ends when the next phase starts, here your uterus produces estrogen so your body is ready for what is to come.

Ovulation phase: This is when your egg is ready to be impregnated by a sperm so it travels down towards the uterus. Here you might have rosy cheeks (often your body temperature is higher in this phase) and feel extra flirty- your biological body wants to get pregnant and so it puts this extra charm on;)

Luteal phase: During this phase your body produces extra hormones for making itself ready for that baby. If you don’t get pregnant you might experience PMS. This is because of the decrease of hormones that you are producing and so you may feel sensitive, angry and have food cravings.


Meanwhile the moon goes through four phases in more or less 28 days:

New Moon

Crescent moon

Full moon

Last Quarter moon

So, one can actually view the cycles like this, and why not put in the four seasons of our earth in the mix! …



New Moon


Slow, Tired, Intuitive.

Follicular phase

Crescent moon Spring.

Energetic, Social.

Ovulation phase

Full moon


Flirty, Active, Loving.

Luteal phase

Last quarter moon


Healing, Self-work, Alone-time.

So this was today’s lesson in the moon, the mind and the menstrual cycle. Hope it resonates with you and reminder: If we can bleed for an entire week without dying, we can do anything. Period.



Frida and the Lulu girls.

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