All About Moving our Bodies.


The blog is back after a summer vacation! Sun has been out, cafe con leches and acai bowls have been made, and dips in the sea have been done. As always we’ve been having conversations about love, life and wellness and experiencing Barcelona at its finest. So now we are ready to once again open up this space to share everything with you.

We’ll see you here or when you swing by Lulu for a treat or a laugh!

Now.. about moving your body. 

Before this week, I didn’t go to the gym in a long time. I don’t mean the kind of 3 weeks summer vacay long time... I’m talking about years. Tiny bit out of laziness but mostly out of fear. I was scared that it would create negative thoughts about my body. That I would start comparing myself. That I would start putting myself in situations where I would feel insecure, not good enough, not hot enough, not strong enough or else that I would be sweating so much that people would look at me and think ”Wow, she REALLY needs to be here..”. 

The reason why I committed to start moving again was because I heard something that got me thinking. A Psychiatrist on the radio was talking about how biologically nothing has changed with the human body since we were hunters and gatherers. That means that our bodies were built to move and to socialize with our community on a daily basis. This is not how our current society is operating. Instead we are constantly being pushed to isolate ourselves from the physical world around us. We can work on our computer from our beds, order food to our doorstep and interact on social media instead of in person. We can spend the rest of our lives alone if we wanted to.

If instead we want to improve our creativity, feel happier, stronger, calmer and live a long quality life- we need to move, to meet and to love & care for ourselves and others

So I kicked off this September by buying a gym card, going there one, two, three, four times and I can honestly say that I already feel a difference. I sleep deeper. I don’t have any brain-fog, I feel stronger and most of all, I feel grounded. Suddenly all of the work-out freaks make sense to me. I understand the hype, I get it. Moving my body- even if it’s just a little bit faster of a walk to the grocery store or going to the gym for an hour or playing volleyball at the beach for an entire evening- gives joy and quality to all of the interactions I have with the people around me. I have energy and a clear mind to take in what is actually going on. 

So, if you are ready to improve your health and the relationship with yourself and others- give yourself this. Rock the body you got for nothing else than your own wellbeing. Also- if you read this, and are living in Barcelona hit us up if you are an instructor in anything that involves moving your body and spirit- we are always down for new adventures!


Frida and the Lulu Team.

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