New Chapter.

New beginnings, intention settings and habits for 2019 :

Okay, wow. 2018 is done and done and am I the only one who experienced it like one of those people who you meet that drags you out to actually everything, pumping you with a whole bunch of new experiences, meetings, mountains to climb and oceans to, without effort, float in? Who tests every single one of your limits, makes you drink more wine than what should be humanly possible and then just takes off and leaves you with a feeling of- what the fuck was that? I feel that. But weirdly enough, also a little bit wiser. Confused and wise. Perfect.

There is something that I deeply enjoy about the concreteness of being in a new year. To fully embrace the chance of a fresh start. Even if you’re one of the clever ones who starts going to the gym in February to skip all of those New Years-resolutioners, there is something that changes energy-wise in January with new beginnings in the air. So it’s not a coincidence that the year changes in the sign of Capricorn every year and Capricorns are famous for their (I want to say “our” since its my sign also) hard-working, goal achieving, organised nature. Not to brag or anything;)

So basically we are presented with a golden opportunity to set our intentions for the upcoming year. And since the life you are living is a sum of your habits the math here would be:

New Year+ New goals = New habits.

So, if during the last year you ever felt misplaced, uncomfortable or unhappy- you helped maintain that with your habits. And if you had the power to create them before, you also have the power to create new ones. And isn't that a relief. That we all are the creators of our own lives, since we are in charge of our habits.

In the spirit of 2019  the Lulu girls and I want to encourage you to live your best possible life by being your best possible person. To try to change your routines, to fail, to try again and then fail a little bit better and then poco a poco reach whatever intention you had in your mind and heart. To after a while find yourself with an entirely new way of doing what you love. To take new roads to your favourite cafés and to look on other shelves while you're grocery shopping. To maybe even stretch your body every morning and suddenly be able to nail that posture you thought was impossible.

That being said, my intentions for 2019 are:

  • Learn something new

  • Commit to something that makes me grow

  • Take more advantage of the beautiful city I happen to live in.

  • Choose my words and actions from a place of kindness.

  • Easily touch my toes. That seems like far away right now tbh.

What habits will you bring into your life and what intentions do you have for 2019? We would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.


Frida and the Lulu girls.

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