Finding stillness.

When I moved to Barcelona it was with an inner longing to blossom. If you are also moving to Barcelona from a country/city with less colours, street life and … genuine people, you might have the same craving as I had. Of being in a new place to help nourish those untapped eccentric, creative and a content parts of your soul.  

There are a few things you will probably come across while you are creating a new life, such as:

1.  Staying open to things that may have not always been your cup of tea.

2.  Trusting that new people and events will open exactly the right doors for you.

3. Sitting with yourself, alone, a lot. And how this amount of time spent in your own company will suck, rock and be extremely valuable all at once.

It takes patience to become this dancing emoji in the red dress! To set boundaries and  let old patterns go. To sit by the sea and let the breeze and the waves be your therapist. To spend time in the mountains. To wander around and let the simple beauty of the Earth embrace you. To take photos of the sunset and brag about it on Instagram and to slowly day after day find yourself in that kind of colourful life you moved here for.

To live the dream life in this city is not always so easy for the soul though (or for your fundamental needs, like proper sleep). It has a tendency to make you forget about nature, quality alone time and essentially the reasons why you came here. As in every big city I assume, the pulse of it can sometimes be louder and out beat your own heart. Channeling Carrie Bradshaw, I couldn't help but wonder:

How do I find stillness in the centre of exactly everything?

During my first months here, when I was spending time alone more than in company I found a few places where I would always go to ground myself. It became like a holy agreement whenever I went there that “Barcelona, now I want you to just take care of me while I’m just gonna sit here and be.” And it did. Cause in the same way that Barcelona is this intense metropolis, full of life and adventure, it's also a city with an old soul. With stories in its buildings, intention in its art and a stillness in its nature.

Later on I understood that almost everyone I know here has those golden spots where they go to ground themselves. So in our upcoming post we will share our golden spots with you and as always, we would love if you shared yours with us.


Frida & the LULU girls

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